Sam Service Provider is a Penang cleaning services provider for offices, homes and apartments.

We offer floor polishing (granite, concrete, marble, timber flooring), restoration of parquet flooring, cleaning and general maintenance of your office, home and apartment blocks as well as garden landscape maintainence services for apartments.

We are also involved in managing apartments, properties and condominiums in Penang (see a partial list of condos we manage below).

Marble Polishing

Marble is a durable material used commonly for flooring, counter tops, stairs and tables. While it is a sturdy material, it also stains easily which is why regular care and maintenance of marble is important. Marble polishing helps restore shine to your floor and gives your home and office a sparkling new look!

Concrete Floor Polishing

Polished concrete flooring is today’s green solution for modern offices and homes. When you use concrete as a floor solution, you save on using floor tiles. Concrete flooring is also low on maintenance as they are durable, easy to clean and non-slippery. When you have polished concrete flooring, you reduce dust mites and allergens in your office/home environment. Mould will not grow on your concrete floor. Your floor will not chip or dent unlike timber flooring. When you polish your concrete floor, your floor has a longer life span (100 years or more) compared to tile flooring (10 to 20 years).

Timber Floor Polishing

When you have timber flooring in your home or office, you need to polish it from time to time. It is also called floor sanding, a process of removing the top surface of your wooden or timber floor with abrasive materials. Floor sanding or floor polishing involves three stages: preparation, sanding and coating with a protective sealant. When we are done polishing your timber floor, your home/office will look like new!

Parquet Restoration

If parquet blocks are missing or coming off, you need our parquet floor restoration or parquet floor renovation service. We will help you even out uneven blocks and replace missing blocks. Once we are done, we will restore your parquet floor to its characteristic shine. Your restored parquet flooring will look like new. Polishing and oiling the floor after restoration protects your parquet floor from long-term wear and tear.

Office & Home Cleaning

Cleaning your office and home has never been easier when you outsource the cleaning jobs to us. We will help you keep your office and home in tip-top condition for your customers and guests. Our cleaning and maintenance services include cleaning carpets, cleaning sofas, cleaning office partitions and office furniture, washing and cleaning the washrooms, mopping and cleaning factory floors, using water jets to clean walls and hard-to-clean surfaces, cleaning tall and hard-to-reach windows and polishing your marble tops (kitchen counters & kitchen islands).

Irrigation System for Landscaping

We supply irrigation systems for your landscaping needs especially if you don’t have full-time gardeners to help you water your hedges, plants and trees in your apartment units. This is useful in a tropical climate like Malaysia as a constant supply of water is needed to keep your plants lush and green.

Coloured Wood Chips for Landscaping

We supply coloured wood chips or wood mulch for gardening and landscaping needs. Wood chips are useful because they prevent moisture loss and water evaporation, keeps the soil cool and prevents weeds from growing in your landscaped areas. This reduces the need for regular weeding and plant watering. They also beautify your garden as they come in various colours.

Property Management Services

We offer our services in managing properties in Penang (we are property managers for these condominiums, offices and apartments in Penang). We help you oversee, repair and maintain the physical assets of your property. We have the needed manpower, processes and systems to help you ensure that the well-being of your tenants and residents are professionally taken care of.

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